About Us



My philosophy is to create change in the skin that continues beyond the individual visit. Each treatment is customized according to skin type and condition, and is appropriate for women or men.


I work directly with a lab to produce my own line of signature products. Each is clinically tested and standardized, manufactured using the latest action ingredients in skin care technology at dose dependent percentages. Home care greatly supports your skin care goals and it’s 2 phase- what AND how much of a specific ingredient creates change. No fluff found here : )

Continuing Education is something I put great emphasis on. Besides holding a NYS Esthetic license, I have earned certifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage from the Dr Vodder School of North America, La Stone© Therapy and advanced credentials from the Dept of Cosmetic Sciences at UCLA. I am most proud of holding a prestigious CIDESCO Diploma, having earned international board certification for excellence in skin care knowledge & professional standards.

I am very lucky and grateful to have a wonderful following of loyal long term clients to share my studies and skills with.
I welcome you and hope you have found your Solution.


Sarah Austin
Esthetician, CIDESCO Diplomat, prop.