Solutions Signature

A perfect choice for maintaining good healthy skin at any age or for any condition.

Appropriate exfoliation (enzyme or microcurrent), extraction of pores, massage, mask and finishing creams.

Combines deep pore cleansing with relaxation.

$90 75 minute session

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Intensive Vitamin C Treatment

Combines our Signature visit with high dose encapsulated  vitamin C. “Kick starts” the age fighting benefits of home use Master Class or Structure Serums.

Instantly revives the skin’s luminosity and youthful radiance. Delivers prolonged professional strength Vitamin C to the skin’s barrier and cell membranes.

This super antioxidant application is well suited for hyper pigmentation and cellular aging.

Single or three week series suggested.

$105 75 minute session

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Intensive Retinol Treatment

Combines our Signature visit with a  high dose vitamin A. Retinol jump starts and supports benefits of at-home exfoliation treatments.

Soothes signs of irritation associated with a mega dose. UV protective antioxidant shields this serum when applied during the day.

Single or three week series suggested.

$105 75 minute session

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Norwegian Masque

Pairing of our Signature skin treatment with an intensive finishing masque. Each variety blends natural and organic plant extracts with remineralizing Norwegian cold water algae.

May be applied to eye contour and lip area.

With Superfruit for environmentally damaged, dull, sallow, fire lines, and crepiness.

$115 75 minute session

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LED Therapy (Light Emitting Diode)

Using the spectrums of red, blue or purple light for the purpose of age management, reduced inflammation and acne fighting. During the treatment light is absorbed by the skin cells to create a biological reaction. 525 LEDs do all the work!

Benefits have been experienced in reduced acne lesions/roseacea , lightened hyperpigmentation and softened fine lines/wrinkles.

* light sensitivity would be contraindicated

This treatment is best is a series.

$85 single visit

$165 with Signature Skin Treatment (face mask)

$185 with Signature Skin Treatment (face & neck masks)

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A great non-surgical tool to aid in the battle against aging by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Utilizes low level electrical current that mirrors our body’s natural current, sub-sensory in most cases. Improves texture and appearance of the skin through increased muscle support. “Reeducates” facial muscles and increases cellular fuel, ATP.

$125 50 minute session*

*Series of 12-15 sessions recommended

$100 maintenance visit 4-8 weeks

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Mild facial resurfacing / exfoliation. This dual treatment blends the physical exfoliation with a light acid “peel” to remove superfluous skin cells at the surface.

Result is softer, smoother skin with an extended glow.

Please use SPF and avoid use of all exfoliants/AHA’s/ Retinol and direct sun exposure for 72 hours.

$75 35 minute session

$150 with Signature Skin Treatment

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